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Science Fiction Writing Articles

Science Fiction Subgenres
by Lee Masterson
In recent times the term 'Science Fiction', when regarded as part of an individual genre, generally brings to mind tales of space ships and goo-dripping aliens - but in truth the genre as a whole encompasses so much more

Determining Genre
by Vicki Hinze
Here's the dilemma: Your novel crosses the boundaries of two genres. Who decides in which genre your book should fit?

Science Fiction Future Histories - Criteria for Success
by Robert Gibson
Within the field of science fiction, a special source of addictive fascination can be found in the sub-genre "Future History", a series of interconnected stories set in a common background that develops over time.

Creating Characters For Your Sci-Fi World

Creating Believable Aliens
by Tina Morgan
No longer can a science fiction writer create a goo-dripping alien just because a story line requires an adversary from another planet to drop in on our unsuspecting world. It takes more than an actor in a rubber mask for them to suspend their disbelief and enjoy a story or novel.

Creating New Alien Species
by Lee Masterson

Creating a whole new alien species for your science fiction story can be as simple as asking the right questions about environment

Aliens and Faeries: Non-Human Characters Acting Badly
by Lee Masterson
A quick guide on making your non-human characters more than just humans in bad masks.

Creating Your Science Fiction World

World Building 101
by Lee Masterson
We are all masters of our fictional worlds, but how do you create a believable world for your characters to live in?

World Building for Science Fiction and Fantasy
by Tina Morgan
Creating a fictional world can be enormous fun - but it can also be harder than you think!

Ethics of World Building
by Tina Morgan
When creating a fictional world, it is sometimes easy to take a few liberties with reality. Here are some things you should consider.

A Way With Worlds
by Steven Savage
World Creation Column, spanning 52 articles on creating and maintaining a believable fictional world.

Building Blueheart
by Alison SInclair
Excellent essay about creating a realistic, functional water world, complete with eco-systems, life forms, physiology, adaptability and more.

Research Links and Lists

Forms of Government
by Lee Masterson
Many fantasy writers spend plenty of time creating unique and highly detailed worlds for each story - but how many writers take the time to create a suitable form of government to rule their fictional worlds?

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