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Low Paying Science Fiction Short Story Markets
(paying from fractions of a cent and 1 cent per word)

Alien Skin
Looking for quality Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror to 3,500 words. No excessive gore, no erotica. Avoid present tense. Accepts E-subs only, in body of e-mail. Now especially seeking flash fiction, 500-1000 words. Also offers fee-based contest.
Fiction: 1000 – 3,500 words, pays cent per word US for fiction
Flash Fiction: 500 – 1000 words $5 US per story
Submission Guidelines:

Amazing Journeys
Looking for short Sci-fi and Fantasy. Wants stories in the tradition of the Golden Age of science fiction. Nothing really dark. "We do not accept work that promotes gay lifestyles." Absolutely no sexual content. "Fewer than two mildly profane" words per story. G/PG-rated material only.
Other: E-subs okay. Must be published in the magazine before editor will consider your work for book/anthology.
Fiction: 3000 - 10000 words (3000 - 6000 preferred), pays cent per word plus one contributor’s copy (editor's choice pays .5/word).
Poetry: 20 - 40 lines, pays $5/poem.
Submission Guidelines:

Androids 2
Quarterly ezine pulp sci-fi Pay $25 under 3500 words
We are looking for SciI-Fi Romance stories written in the pulp-fiction style of the 1920s to 1970s. Your story must have a strong plot, well developed rounded characters, lots of non-stop action and a beautiful Android girl who falls in love with a mortal man. 1500-3500 words. Payment via StormPay.
Submission Guidelines:

Aoife's Kiss
Specifically seeking Sci-Fi about exploration and colonization of our solar system. Accepts E-submissions only as RTF or Word attachment preferred.
Fiction: to 6000, pays cent pr word ($5 minimum; $5 reprints).
Poetry: to 100 lines pays $5 OP ($3 reprints).
Submission Guidelines:

Anotherealm is looking for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror with a strong plot and good characters. No porn, no gratuitous cruelty, sex, violence. They buy First Worldwide Electronic Rights and Anthology Rights should they wish to feature your story in a "Best Of" edition.
Accepts E-subs only, in body of e-mail.
Word Count: 1000 to 5000 words, pays $25 On Acceptance.
Submission Guidelines:

Blood, Blade & Thruster Magazine
This is a publication of speculative fiction with a slant to the satirical; works of horror, fantasy, and science fiction, some of which may convey a self-deprecating or humorous view of the genre.
We are looking for fiction, illustrations, articles, and reviews of genre publications.
Keep in mind it is not our goal to attack or ridicule, but to occasionally provide a light-hearted view of the various genres and/or the followers they gather. At the same time, we don’t want to lose sight of serious short fiction, and welcome those submissions as well. Original works are preferred but reprints will be considered.
Prefer stories between 2,000-5,000 words. Payment is cent per word plus one PDF contributor copy.
Submission Guidelines:

Chimaera Serials
Bimonthly webzine f/df/h/specific pay <$50 no word limits
Submission Guidelines:

Continuum SF
Looking for Science Fiction with an "Emphasis on good storytelling and adventure. Interstellar settings especially welcome. I am also interested in stories of contact with other intelligent species, or even stories that deal exclusively with other species. Humor is always welcome, but must be well-done. Of course, really good stories need not be limited to the preceding descriptions. "
Other: Query before submitting. E-subs only, as RTF attachment. See website for detailed formatting guidelines.
Fiction: 2000-12000 words, pays cent per word ($25 maximum)
Submission Guidelines:

Dark Tales
Publishes “well written, entertaining science fiction, horror and dark fantasy stories with believable characters and page-turning plots.” Payment is UK 2.50 per 1,000 words, plus a complimentary copy of the magazine. Detailed submission guidelines, plus extracts from some of the stories, are available from the website.
Submission Guidelines:

Forgotten Worlds
Monthly print speculative/horror/fantasy/noir/macabre/unusual. Pay Penny sterling (UK) per word + 1 copy No word limits
Submission Guidelines:

Bimonthly print magazine seeking science fiction, fantasy and horror. Simultaneous submissions acceptable, but no reprints.
Pays $50 US flat rate, payable on publication via Paypal.
Also seeking Flash fiction between 800-1,500 words. Payment is $25 US flat rate.
Submission Guidelines:

(The) Magazine of Unbelievable Stories
Seeking various stories across mys/h/sf/rom themed. Pay $40 + copy. Words 4-7k Please read guidelines carefully.
Submission Guidelines:

Midnight Street
Tri-annual publication, needs: Horror, science fiction, fantasy, slipstream. No slasherfests, techno-babble, high fantasy. Keep science fiction ‘soft’. Fantasy should maintain some connection with our world. See guidelines for more precise needs and wants.
Other: E-subs okay. Reprints considered but not preferred.
Fiction: to 6000 words, pays 2.50/1000 words.
Poetry: any length, pays 2.50.
Submission Guidelines:

Nova SF
Quarterly print magazine. Seeking Christian Science Fiction. Pay cent per word under 7000 words. Not open to unsolicited manuscripts. Query first. Please read guidelines in full.
Submission Guidelines:

OG’s Speculative Fiction
Bimonthly PDF fantasy/scifi/horror. Pay $25 on acceptance under 5000 words
We are looking for good speculative artwork that is imaginative, stylistic, and displays the idea of possibility that exists in the realm of science fiction and fantasy.
Submission Guidelines:

ORB Speculative Fiction
Print magazine. SpecFic/f/magic realism/non-realist Australian only. The speculative aspect of the story must be integral to its plot and characters, must be a fresh look at the concept, the “science” must be convincing, if not accurate, and the “surprise ending” new. Pays Aus $30 up to 15,000 words

Annual print magazine, Original, high-quality SF/fantasy. Horror must have a science fiction element and be psychological or scary, rather than simply gory. No supernatural fantasy-horror, or traditional swords 'n' sorcery quest sagas. We are interested in publishing highly imaginative prose on a wide variety of genre themes. Cutting-edge SF and experimental writing styles (cross-genre scenarios, slipstream, etc) are always welcome.
Pay 5 per 1000 word + contributor’s copy
Words 500-6000
Submission Guidelines:

Razar Magazine
Semi-annual POD/PDF h/sf/f pay cent per word or ad+copy
Razar isn't seeking single stories. Rather, it's looking for entire collections which will range between 10 – 15 stories with an average of 10,000 – 15,000 words. A smaller word count is o.k. where a larger one isn't.
We're looking for short stories which fall into the categories of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror which average from 500 words per story to 1,500 words per story.
Submission Guidelines:

Space Westerns
We are seeking cross-genre works that tread the trails between Space Western, Science Fiction Western, and Western Science Fiction (with perhaps some crossover with Space Opera and/or Steampunk) for all manner of media.
Prefers to reserve First Internet Publication Rights for three months. Word Count: up to 7,500 words. Payment is cent per word up to a maximum of $25 US paid upon publication.
Submission Guidelines:

(The) Sword Review
Needs: SF/F/H. "All submissions must be congruent with traditional values and Christian principles." No "homosexual relationships." Use restraint with language, sex, violence.
Other: E-subs only, in *rtf format via registration at website forum; see website for detailed formatting guidelines. Reprints okay but not preferred. Also runs a fee-based contest.
Fiction: any length, pays cent per word ($5 minimum, $25 maximum).
Poetry: any length, pays cent per word ($5 minimum, $25 maximum). ‘
Submission Guidelines:

Ticonderoga Online
TiconderogaOnline is after the best stories being written in SF, Fantasy, Horror and Dark Fiction. We accept submissions of original short stories, between 1,500 and 5,000 words. We tend to prefer unusual, bizarre, gonzo stories, distinctive styles. No Reprints, multiple submissions, simultaneous submissions. Pays Aus$49 per story for 1st electronic rights, on publication, exclusive for a 12 month period.
Submission Guidelines:

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