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Non-Paying Science Fiction Short Story Markets
(non-paying or pays in contributor copies)

Antipodean SF
AntipodeanSF is devoted to 'down under' science/speculative fiction. Yet while its intent is in part to highlight and promote Australian/NZ writers (who are, after all, resident in the antipodes), the meaning of antipodean is not limited by the editor to a mere description of locality. Thus AntipodeanSF is open to submissions from anywhere in the world, as long as the story has a surprise ending, twists normal notions of SF upside-down, is especially humorous, takes an oblique perspective on otherwise 'normal' events, or attempts to subvert the foundations of Western capitalist ideology (for example). Pay is exposure only at this time
Submission Guidelines:

Reality Complex
Reality Complex is a magazine of speculative fiction, a genre that truly lends itself to innovation and creativity. We are looking for enjoyable, character-oriented stories which engage the reader. No reprints. Word count: up to 10,000 words.
Buys non-exclusive electronic rights, as well as First North American Serial Rights for inclusion into printed magazine. Payment is professional editing of your story and one contributor’s copy of the magazine.
Submission Guidelines:

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
Wants SciFi/Fantasy/Horror/speculative. No porn, gore, S&S. Read an issue. Non-paying market.
Submission Guidelines:

Trunk stories
Print publication looking for literary fantasy, science ficition, and horror. Especially likes the unusual/weird. Pays in contributor copies. Check site for details.
Submission Guidelines:

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