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How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy


Semi-Pro Paying Science Fiction Short Story Markets
(paying between 1 and 3 cents per word)

All Possible Worlds
All Possible Worlds is a science fiction and fantasy print
magazine currently accepting submissions of short stories of 500
to 6,000 words.
We pay 1.2 cents per word plus one contributor’s copy and accept
submissions via both email and postal mail. Reading periods are specific, so please check the website before submitting.
Submission Guidelines:

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
Accepting submissions of Sci-Fi, Fantasy & horror. Preference for "fun" rather than "grim-and-gritty." Submissions via E-subs only, as attached RTF file (preferred) or on diskette. See website for detailed formatting guidelines. See website for how to submit serials.
Fiction: to 10,000 words, pays AUS 1 cents per word (minimum AUS$20) on publication.
Submission Guidelines:

Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest
Quarterly print mag, seeking Dark Sci-Fi/horror/dark fantasy. Looking for grim and gritty – every story must have a sci-fi element. E-subs only, as attached DOC file. See website for detailed formatting guidelines.
Flash Fiction: to 500 words. Payment flat rate $20
Fiction: To 10,000 words, pays 2 cents per word + 2 contributor copies + bio on website.
Submission Guidelines:

Challenging Destiny
Seeking SciFi/Fantasy. No poetry. No horror. No explicit sex. Likes stories where violence is rejected as a way to solve problems. Interested in political, philosophical, and religious themes. Quarterly ezine.
Also runs a for-fee editing service.
Fiction: 2000-10000 words (preferred), pays 1 cent CDN per word + 2 contributor copies
Submission Guidelines:

Cosmic SF
COSMIC Speculative Fiction is a quarterly E-Zine of original fantastic fiction distributed via e-mail in PDF format. COSMIC SF publishes SF/F 1-10,000 words in length. COSMIC SF pays - 3 cents per word sixty days after publication for First North American Serial Rights—this means the stories have never been published in North America in ANY form – the stories must be original.
Submission Guidelines:

Coyote wild
Pays 1 cent per word for flash and short fiction up to 5000 words payable on acceptance with a signed contract.
Coyote Wild is a speculative fiction magazine. All submissions should be original and contain a speculative element. Speculative fiction amazes, perturbs, delights. It looks into yesterday, tomorrow and the far future from a unique point of reference that sets it apart from other types of writing. The audience wants to be surprised, maybe a bit shocked, perhaps somewhat uncomfortable, but always provoked to think differently about the universe. The ideal submission should surprise the reader and make them speculate.
Submission Guidelines:

Electric Velocipede
Seeking science fiction up to 7,000 words. “I want to see something different. I want to see something unusual. I want to see stories that are . . . a little weird. If you've read the zine, you know what that means. It's certainly not a requirement to write steampunk to be considered, but you will catch my ear if you do. I like stories that have something hidden in them; it can be a character with a secret, things that aren't what they seem, or places that exist where they shouldn't.” Pays 1 cent per word.
Submission Guidelines:

Escape Pod
This is an audio magazine. The audience can’t skim past the boring parts and stories with beautiful language at the expense of plot don’t translate well, so keep in mind that your story will be pod-cast. Looking for fiction with strong pacing, well-defined characters, engaging dialogue and clear action. Humor is highly encouraged. Reprints will be considered.
Weekly audio podcast sf/f/h Pay $100 (flash $20) words 2-6k (flash (under 1k)
Submission Guidelines:

Fictitious Force
Semi annual print seeking short scifi/slipstream/hard scifi/fantasy between 2000-7500 words. Pays 1c per word + 2 contributor copies
Flash under 750 words pays $5

Futurismic seeks contemporary science fiction for publication on their website. We’re looking for innovative, exciting stories that use the tools of speculative fiction to examin contemporary issues and take a look at what’s just around the corner. Whether by established professionals or promising newcomers, we would like to see the very best in today’s SF, with an emphasis on work that truly connects with and illuminates the fast-paced, fascinating times we live in. Stories should be compelling and well-written, with a strong emphasis on characters confronting or embracing imminent cultural, social, technological and scientific changes. Post-cyberpunk, Information Age and near-future extrapolations will be welcomes – serious or satirical, straight-forward or gonzo, optimistic or cautionary. Indeed, near future, Earth-based science fiction stories are our main focus. Pay is $200 US flat rate.
Submission Guidelines:

Guidelines for fiction are that it be short-short, short, novella, or novel-excerpt. Genre fiction will be gladly considered if it is of such a caliber as to make genre distinctions irrelevant. Most readers, when queried about genre fiction & about what they want to read, feel that way, too. Simultaneous submissions are OK. Please include this info when you submit.
We pay 1-3 cents a word on publication for 1st English language rights; 1st web rights are paid at 15% per annum of the original fee. Word rates for works above 5,000 words are negotiable.
Submission Guidelines:

Semi annual print publication seeking speculative poetry. Speculative poetry is one result of the application of imagination to reality. In speculative poetry, one's "vision" often is taken from a different angle, from another perspective, perhaps even from another time and place. Speculative poetry is usually tinged with one or more of the genres. Thus, in speculative poetry you find hints of science fiction, fantasy, folklore, myth, the surreal...and yes, even horror. Good speculative poetry will awaken a sense of adventure in the reader.
That's what we're looking for: good, original speculative poetry. Yes, we will consider reprints, but we'll probably publish no more than two per issue. As regards length, we don't want to cramp your style, but poems of 100 lines or less probably will snag most of our attention. Pay 2 cents per word (min payment $3)
Submission Guidelines:

Leading Edge (BYU)
Leading Edge is a semi-professional magazine dedicated to the presentation of new and upcoming talent. We accept science fiction and fantasy short stories, novelettes, novellas, and poetry
Semi annual print, classic sf and f pays 1c per word (minimum $10) + 2 contributor copies under 17k words
Submission Guidelines:

Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine
Neo-opsis will consider material submitted by any writer, professional or amateur. It is our intention to not set down a lot of ground rules for these stories. We don’t want to miss a good story, because it doesn’t fit our rules, but we are more likely to publish stories that are less than 6000 words and fit a science fiction or fantasy theme. Other: E-subs okay, as attached DOC or RTF file (preferred) or in body of e-mail.
Fiction: to 6000 words, pays CDN 2 cents per word (maximum CDN$125).
Submission Guidelines:

Stories that reference cutting-edge technology, new scientific concepts, and/or reflect current social controversies are encouraged. Challenge us! Surprise us! Shock us!
Our pay rate varies. We pay a minimum of $25 up to a maximum of $100 for works up to 5,000 words (although we prefer shorter works for purely aesthetic reasons). We pay for exclusive publication for two months; the author retains copyright and may request removal at any time after the contracted two-month period. SUBMISSIONS ARE BY INVITATION ONLY.
Submission Guidelines:
We are looking for quality Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Bizarro flash, short stories and poetry. We are open to all types of stories within those genres: hard or soft science fiction, light or dark horror and fantasy, serious or humorous, etc. Christian or religious-themed stories, experimental fiction and genre-crossing stories are all acceptable so long as they fall within one of our three genres. What’s most important is that it’s a quality story with a logical plotline and interesting characters. Prefer stories under 3,500 words. 1c per word for stories up to 1,500 words plus cent per word over 1,500 words. Minimum payment $7.50
Submission Guidelines:

Scyweb Bem
Quarterly audiozine seeking primarily science fiction with a smidgen of fantasy. Stories must be able to be narrated – which means they should read smoothly!
Pay 1c per word min $10 max $50 Words under 8500
Submission Guidelines:

Shimmer Magazine
Looking for sci-fi, fantasy, horror and magic realism. Avoid experimental fiction and trick endings. No heartwarming or cute stories. Unusual and beautifully- written speculative fiction stories with full plots and strong characters. The best way to understand what we are looking for is to read an issue of the magazine.
Accepts E-subs only, as *.doc or *.rtf attachment. Also an e-zine.
Payment and Rights: Authors will be paid 1 cent per word, minimum $10, maximum $30. In other words, stories 1000 words and under: $10. 1001-3000 words: 1 cent per word. 3000 words and up: $30. You’ll also receive a copy (both print and electronic) of the issue in which your story appears. Additional contributor copies available at the subscription rate.
Submission Guidelines:

Triannual PDF Young Adult speculative fiction seeking sf/h/f, prefers contemporary with teenage protagonists. Pay $50 Australian.
Submission Guidelines:

Needs: Science fiction/dark fantasy. "We're *not* a horror magazine." Wants more Science fiction. "Dark" slant, but not straight horror. Must have an element of supernatural or fantasy. Avoid abuse, revenge, cats, writers, vampires, explicit sex, POV of child or young adult. Vignettes and poetry (all forms, but haiku unlikely to sell here) also considered. Include cover letter with your submission. No simultaneous submissions. No reprints.
Fiction: to 6000 words, pays 1-2/word on publication.
Submission Guidelines:

Tales of the Unanticipated
Please note: specific reading periods apply. Pays 1 1/2 - 2 cents a word for science fiction, fantasy, horror, hybrids thereof, and unclassifiable stories. We prefer stories with personality, and originality of vision, to the factory-made brand. We will consider stories of any length up to 10,000 words; no serials.
Submission Guidelines:

Terra Incognita
Terra Incognita is a full-sized, quarterly science-fiction magazine and publishes a broad range of science-fiction stories, non-fiction articles, and includes an extensive section of reviews of written science fiction works. This grand sweep is united by a common theme: the earth, both today and in the future. Some of the stuff we like includes: cybertechnology, apocalypse and post-apocalypse settings, sociological extrapolations and alternative social systems, gender and race issues, biotechnology, information technology, human evolution, alien visitors, ecological disasters or triumphs, oceanography and the settlement of the ocean, non-Western cultures in the future, the natural and applied sciences and more. NO S&S, fantasy, horror, formula SF, alternative history or space-opera. Word count: up to 15,000 words. Payment: 1 to 2 cents per word plus one year’s subscription to Terra Incognita, plus two extra copies of the issue in which your contribution appears. Buys First North American Rights only. All rights revert to the author upon publication.
Snail Mail only to:
Mr. Jan Berrien Berends, Editor
52 Windermere Avenue #3
Landsdown, PA 19050-1812

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