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How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy


Token Paying Science Fiction Short Story Markets
(paying a token payment from $5 to $15 flat fee)

Adbusters is dedicated to reinventing the outdated paradigms of our consumer culture and building a brave new understanding of living. Seeking politically oriented science fiction, humor. Pay unknown
Submission Guidelines:

Afterburn SF
Quarterly ezine seeking short sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Pays $10 or free ad. Words 1,000-10,000
Submission Guidelines:

"We're looking for good, solid fiction. We specialize in the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genres. We will consider other genres, such as humor or general interest, provided that the work possesses an original, "quirky" slant.
Reprints okay, prefers email submissions. Please read guidelines in full. Payment is $15 US flat rate.
Submission Guidelines:

Bimonthly webzine science fiction and science fantasy pay $5 no word limits. Accepts reprints.
Submission Guidelines:

Seeking SF/F/H. No gratuitous sex/violence, graphic rape/child abuse. Flash fiction, to 500 words, must be based on picture posted at website; see guidelines.
Other: E-subs only, in body of e-mail.
Fiction: to 5000 words, pays $5-$10.
Submission Guidelines:

Cats with Wings
Stories should have elements of science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction. Slipstream is okay. No horror, but macabre fantasy is acceptable.
Word count: up to 8,500 words
Payment: $20 US on publication.

Chaos Theory: Tales Askew
Biannual webzine seeking all types of quality SpecFic pays $10 via Paypal. No word limit
Submission Guidelines:

Quarterly webzine seeking short scifi/horror/fantasy/mainstream to 5,000 words. Will consider reprints.
Pays $5 under 5k words
Submission Guidelines:

Dreams and Nightmares
Looking for Poetry/SciFi/Fantasy/Horror. For poetry, likes experimental forms, no forced rhyme. Avoid blood and gore. Nothing sappy or trite.
Fiction: to 500 words, pays $5 On Acceptance.
Poetry: to 2 pages

Electric Spec
Triannual ezine of science fiction, fantasy, macabre.
We will consider any story between 250 and 7000 words with a speculative fiction element to it. We prefer science fiction, fantasy, and the macabre, but we're willing to push the limits of traditional forms of these genres. Pay is $20 under 7,000 words.
Submission Guidelines:

Looking for Fantasy/SciFi/Horror/surrealism. "Great Hall" takes original fiction to any length (query for 40k words or more). "Crown & Thistle Inn" takes re-tellings of traditional folktales, with bibliographic sources if applicable; shorter is better. Poetry should be mythic and folkloric.
Reprints okay; e-subs okay.
Fiction: pays $5-$10.
Poetry: pays $2-$5.
Submission Guidelines:

Fifth Dimension
Wants Science Fiction and Fantasy up to 7,500 words.
Other: E-subs only; RTF or Word attachments preferred.
Pays $7 on publication.
Submission Guidelines:

Fusion Fragment
Quarterly webzine Science Fiction between 1,000 and 6,000 words. Pay $20 US
Submission Guidelines:

Full Unit Hookup
Looking for SciFi/Horror/Dark Fantasy/urban Fantasy/magic realism/slipstream/humor/mainstream. No horror, no high fantasy.
Other: E-subs only (query for snail-mail submissions). Reprints okay but not preferred for fiction; originals only for poetry. For poetry, traditional forms okay, but must do something different with them.
Fiction: 500-5000 words, pays $10 on publication.
Poetry: to 200 lines, pays $5 OP.
Submission Guidelines:

Hungur magazine
Print magazine specializing in vampire fiction. Looking for science fiction and fantasy stories involving, you guessed it, VAMPIRES. The really successful HUNGUR vampire story deals with ALIEN or EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL vampires, in whatever form, and their relationships, or lack thereof, with Earthlings. In other words, we really want to see science fiction and fantasy vampires, more than horror Earth vampires. The really successful HUNGUR story seeks to understand the ALIEN vampire in his or her milieux. Pays $10 for fiction and $4 for poems. Stories must be between 500-6,000 words.
Submission Guidelines:

Semiannual print sf/f/h/cross-genre/slipstream up to 10,000 words. Pay $5 + 2 contributor copies.
Submission Guidelines:

Kinships Magazine
Occassional POD zine sf/f metaphysical. Pay $6 varying word count

Lone Star Stories
Bimonthly webzine specific and interstitial seeking speculative fiction.
Pays $20 US any length. Reprints okay.
Submission Guidelines:

Mars Dust
Fiction - We publish a limited number of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories per episode of MarsDust. They should be good above all other considerations. MarsDust will consider material submitted by any writer, and consider it solely on the basis of merit. We are definitely eager to find and develop new, capable writers.
Submission Guidelines:

Martian Wave
Needs: SF about exploration and colonization of our solar system.
Other: E-subs okay; RTF or Word attachment preferred.
Fiction: to 7500, pays $10 ($5 reprints).
Poetry: pays $5 OP.
Submission Guidelines:

Mythic Delirium
Seeking Poetry: SciFi, Fantasy, Horror and cross-genre. Preference for traditional forms (sonnets, sestinas, rondelles, blank verse, etc.), but no "forced" rhyme; lines should share a common rhythm, not just end in words that sound the same. "We are interested in work that demonstrates ambition, that casts new light on genre tropes, that introduces readers to the legends of other cultures, that re-evaluates the myths of old from a modern perspective, that twists reality in unexpected ways." Pays $5 on publication. No reprints.
Submission Guidelines:

We publish all genres as well as cross-genre work. We’re interest in story-telling, regardless of theme of setting. What we look for is universality of theme – something that adds to the tradition of story – the stories we have been telling since the beginning. A common misconception: this is not a magazine that particularly specializes in fairy stories, though we do publish them. We’re interested in stories – whether dark, bright, erotic, mysterious, adventurous, dystopian, folkloric or fantastic.
Pay rates: Short Short Fiction (501 - 1000 words) $5 - Flash Fiction (500 words or less - including nanofiction, drabble, micro-fiction, postcard fiction, etc.) $3
Submission Guidelines:

Needs submissions of Scifi/fantasy and horror. Make it darkly mysterious or outrageously funny, but make it fresh.
No gratuitous sex, violence, gore.
Other: E-subs only, as RTF files. Reprints okay, if story has only appeared once.
Fiction: 500 to 10000, pays $10.
Submission Guidelines:

OR Christian Science Fiction
Needs: SF/F. Bible-based; recapture innocence of Golden Age SF. No H. No gratuitous sex/violence. No profanity. Prefers hopeful stories.
Other: E-subs only, in body of e-mail.
Fiction: any length, pays $5.
Poetry: any length, pays $5.

Quantum Kiss
Quantum Kiss is a journal of Romantic Speculative Fiction. The stories must have two things: a solid speculative element and a strong romantic element. Both of these things have to be central to the plot and characters. Stories up to 5000 words. Pays $10 flat fee for stories over 1000 words.
Submission Guidelines:

Quantum Muse
Looking for short SciFi/Fantasy/Alternative.
Reprints okay. E-subs preferred via form at website. Snail-mail subs must be accompanied by disk. Include short bio.
Fiction: to 8000 words, pays $10 on publication plus 50% of any fan donations paid to your story.
Submission Guidelines:

Rage Machine Magazine
Wants sci-fi, fantasy, horror, adventure, weird Western, weird mystery, hard-boiled. ". . . pace is first and foremost. I don't want a single story that starts slowly and builds. Catch me in the first paragraph. Hold me for the first page. Take me to the whirlwind finish."
Fiction: 5,000-10,000 words, pays 10% of revenues.

Ray Gun Revival
Weekly ezine, seeking space opera/golden age science fiction.
Pay up to $10 for under 3,500 words
Submission Guidelines:

Reflection's Edge
Wants SciFi/Fantasy/Horror/erotica/adventure/magic realism/Westerns/myths. No literary/realistic fiction.
Authors must be 18+. E-subs only, in body of e-mail.
Fiction: 500-10000 words, pays $10 ("cover" story receives additional $50).

Rogue Worlds
Looking for science fiction, fantasy, and horror, in all styles, mixes, and viewpoints between 2,000 - 25,000 words. Payment is $10 (US) per story, plus one copy in PDF format. Payment is made on publication either by check or through PayPal (all authors residing outside the United States will be paid through PayPal). We purchase First Serial Rights and electronic rights. All rights return back to the author after publication but we retain the right to continue selling back issues and anthology rights for our "Best of the Year Anthology.”
Submission Guidelines:

Sci Fi Traveling Road Show
Biweekly podcast seeking sf/f/h(flash). Pay $5 for under 1000 words
Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Flash pieces (under 1000 words) preferably read by you in an mp3 audio format. You MUST be a published author, preferably published by small press (POD doesn't count unless you've been published in other venues, sorry). You must still own audio rights (if you don't know what that means or don't know if you do, don't send me anything) and will be willing to grant me non-exclusive universal audio rights to publish your work on the Sci Fi Traveling Road Show.
Submission Guidelines:

Sounds of the Night
Semi-annual print magazine seeking sensual science fiction and fantasy. Pay $12 for originals and $6 for reprints. . Stories should be 3,000-6,000 words
Submission Guidelines:

Spacesquid don’t want your best stuff. They want the crap you can’t bring yourself to kill because it’s too pugnacious to die. This is the refuse bin of sci-fi. We don’t want the usual pedantic variation on boring old standard themes. Sword-wielding timetravelling midget-robot barbarians in an oppressive state are okay though.
Pay is a flat rate of $5. Stories should be under 1000 words.
Submission Guidelines:

Spinning Whorl
Quarterly print magazine seeking science fiction and fantasy. We strongly prefer innovative and unconventional work. Pays $15 plus one copy for stories between 2,500 and 8000 words. Pays $5 and one copy for stories under 2,500 words
Submission Guidelines:

Star*Line (Journal of SF Poetry Association)
Needs: SF/F/H, poetry only, all lengths and styles. Some issues are no-theme; others are themed. Upcoming themes include "Death, Destruction, Exploitation" and "Reversals, Synthesis, Transformation."
Other: Submit up to 5 poems. Membership not required to submit. E-subs preferred; no attachments. Will reply to overseas submissions only via e-mail; overseas mss must be disposable. READING PERIODS: JANUARY-MARCH, JULY-SEPTEMBER.
Poetry: to 10 lines, pays $3; to 50 lines, pays $5;

Sybil's Garage
Looking for sci-fi, fantasy, horror, slipstream up to 5,000 words.
We have a tendency to prefer the strange. We encourage stories from diverse perspectives, settings and origins. See guidelines for current needs.
Other: E-subs only, as *.rtf attachment. Published in PDF and print formats.
The payment breakdown is as follows:
For all works of fiction, 2000-5000 words, $15, plus 2 print copies
For all works of fiction, 1-1999 words, $10, plus 2 print copies
For all works of poetry, $10, plus 2 print copies
Submission Guidelines:

Tales from the Moonlit Path
Quarterly webzine seeking specfic/h under 2000 words
Pay $10-15 for lead story
Submission Guidelines:

Tales Of The Talisman
Science Fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories to 6000 words and poems to 50
lines. Reading periods are quite strict. Please read guidelines in full before submitting. Pays $10 US plus one contributor copy.
Note: “Above all we are looking for thought-provoking ideas and good writing. Speculative fiction set in the past, present, and future are welcome. Admittedly, science fiction, fantasy and horror are broad genres that overlap many other genres. We welcome cross-genre stories, but they must have some element of science fiction or fantasy. We have published western/fantasy cross-genre stories and horror/science fiction cross genre-stories and more.”

Three Lobed Burning Eye
The Three-lobed Burning Eye is an electronic magazine of horror and speculative fiction. They prefer horror, dark fantasy and magical realism although they will consider suspense and science fiction) to 7,500 words max. Payment is $5 US
Submission Guidelines:

Twilight Times
Prefers a balance of dark/light SciFi, fantasy, cross-genre and literary works to 6000 words. Payment is $5
Submission Guidelines:

We want strongly-written short fiction and well-composed poetry on any subject you wish to write about. We will publish the best of the submissions we receive, regardless of genre. One to two page poems and stories in the range of 1000 to 5000 words are preferred.
Payment is cents per word up to a maximum of $5
Submission Guidelines:

Worlds of Wonder
Worlds of Wonder accepts all types of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Speculative Fiction. Short Fiction submissions should be between 1000 & 7500 words in length. Serials should be between 8000 & 40,000 words in length. All Serials MUST be complete before they will be considered for publication. Flash Fiction submissions should be between 200 & 1000 words in length.
Worlds of Wonder is a quarterly Webzine, published in January, April, July and September. Our payment rates are as follows: Short stories: $5.00, Poems: $5.00, Serials: $10 (flat rate) . All payments are in Canadian Dollars and will be made via Paypal. Worlds of Wonder will have non-exclusive, One-time Electronic (World Wide Web) Publishing rights to your work for the quarter in which your short story or poem appears. These rights will revert back to you once the story has been published. Copyright remains yours at all times.
Submission Guidelines:

Zahir - Unforgettable Tales
Tri-annual print magazine seeking well-crafted speculative fiction. Stories that challenge ordinary notions of reality, or that look at reality in new, imaginvative ways. This can include science fiction, fantasy, surrealism, magical realism or something unclassifiable that we haven’t thought of yet. The thing we care about most is good, entertaining storytelling.
Stories should be no more than 6000 words
Pay $10 + 2 copies. Will consider reprints.

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